How to make the best use of LAX Airport Parking

To say that LAX Airport sees its fair share of visitors every day is an understatement. Since Los Angeles is a commercial powerhouse in California, it’s only natural that the airport sees heavy footfall throughout the year. Everyone from tourists, businesspeople, artists, and sportspeople use the airport for their connectivity needs. Most LA residents prefer to drive themselves to the airport since that is convenient. However, it’s only natural  you tend to prioritize you trip rather than focussing on LAX airport parking in the middle of all this bustle.

Does that mean you should shell out top dollar for LAX airport parking? Not quite. You can make the best use of parking at LAX by just keeping some standard guidelines in mind. Avoiding these are likely to give you a headache – either by burning a hole in your pocket or by reducing the convenience in finding a spot. Where to park, what to pay for each lot, where to find free parking – these are questions we can answer for you. Read on, and start saving money!

Know where to find the best LAX Airport parkinglots

The Central Terminal Area (CTA) parking lot is the main airport parking lot. The first 15 minutes are complimentary. Following that, the first hour costs $5. From then on, every extra half-hour will be charged $4 until the daily maximum of $40 is reached.

Know where you can find free LAX Airport parking


You read that right! The Cell Phone Waiting Lot at LAX Airport offers free parking. It’s on 96th Street, just east of Sepulveda Boulevard. This is an ideal location for free parking while your guest clears customs and baggage claim. It provides simple access to the terminal, so all you have to do when it’s time to pick them up is zoom out! There is a two-hour maximum time limit, which is more than plenty. Commercial vehicles are not permitted, and they must be accompanied at all times.

Choose valet parking service for LAX airport parking

The valet parking service at LAX airport parking is a bonus. It may appear to be a luxury at first, but when you return fatigued after a trip, you’ll realise how important it is. After a long journey, having your car driven up to you soothes the nerves like nothing else. After all, you can avoid the long walk from the terminal to the parking lots!

Take a look at cheaper off-site options for LAX airport parking

Why pay for on-site parking when there are far less expensive off-site options? You may book a cheap and contactless parking spot at one of the many off-site lots near LAX airport using and the Way app. While long-term LAX Airport parking costs at least $12 per day, off-site parking costs as little as $6.50 a day! That’s a massive amount of savings! Many of these parking lots offer perks like free shuttle service to and from the airport, car washes, oil changes, and more. When you book off-site, you get the best deals on LAX Airport parking.


Know where to park your electric vehicle at LAX

Yes, there are several electric vehicle charging stations spread across the parking lots. Parking Structure 1 has 22 electric vehicle charging spaces, Structure 6 has 20 spaces and there are 18 spaces in Structure 7. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Normal parking rates are applicable, but the electricity is provided free of charge.

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